Client Testimonial

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Christine Gibbs at A Step Ahead Physio who not only got me running again but enabled me to complete the NY Marathon this year. I have had a long history of IT Band problems. Christine treated me with active release therapy, ultra sound and gave me a stretching and strengthening program. She also recommended orthotic soles. The very first time I tried them I was amazed at how much support they gave me. My foot mechanics are now sound and I have been running pain free ever since. If it were not for Christine’s treatment and orthotic soles I have no doubt I wouldn’t have even got to the start line let alone the finish of the marathon. Thanks ASAP!

ASAP Events

Details of upcoming (and recently held) events at A Step Ahead Physiotherapy:

Off the Beaten Track Water Stop - Feb 2013


Private Schools Association - Snack Table Sponsor - Feb 2013

Helping to raise money for high school prom


Cayman Islands Marathon Water Stop - Dec 2012


Proud Sponsor of the Cayman Islands Triathlon - Nov 2012


Proud Sponsor of Snack Table at Private Schools Football Tournament - Mar 2012



 Off The Beaten Track, 26 February 2012

Cheering you on at the first Water Stop with water and Gatorade



Chamber of Commerce Mentor Cayman Program

A Step Ahead Physiotherapy is the proud mentor of Lucille Williams Fernandez from Triple C School

Chamber of Commerce Mentor Cayman at ASAP 

Don't let pre- and post-natal pain dampen the excitement of your New Bundle of Joy

A free presentation on how to prevent and/or alleviate the pain and discomfort that often accompanies pregnancy and caring for your newborn.

Tuesday 21 February at 6.00 pm


Stop Your Running Injury Before it Starts!

19th January 2012 - Thank you to all who came to the Running Injury Prevention presentation. We had a great turnout and many have asked for a follow up in a few months. Keep checking for information on the next one! Happy Running!


Cayman Islands Marathon Water Stop

4th December 2011 - Running beside you for 13.1 miles and keeping you fueled and hydrated at Water Stop 12!

Cayman Islands Triathlon Water Stop

6 November 2011

A Step Ahead Physiotherapy, Cayman 1 Year Anniversary

29 April 2011

Celebrating A Step Ahead Physiotherapy's one year anniversary!

Fire Training

20 April 2011

Keeping you safe and healthy both inside and out!

Cayman 100

10 April 2011

Helping you stay in the saddle for 100 miles around the island!

Off the Beaten Track

27 February 2011

Hydrating and fueling you through the backroads of Cayman

Marathon 2010

Water Stop 12 - Getting up at the crack of dawn to keep you fueled, hydrated, and motivated!

Triathlon 2010

Helping you keep your cool

Dr Alejandro Badia - Upper Extremity Surgeon

Cayman Islands visit - 19th November 2010.
See also Cayman Observer article.

BADIA - Hand to Shoulder CenterBadia Hand to Shoulder Center
3650 NW 82nd Avenue, Ste 103
Doral, Florida 33166
(305) 227-HAND (4263)- Oficina
(305) 537-7222 - Fax


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